About the farm

Olivette Farm is a project that affirms the Olivette community’s commitment to re-localizing food production in Western North Carolina. The farm grows year round salad greens, specialty produce, flowers, fruit and honey for local farmers markets and restaurants, as well as CSA memberships to the Olivette and the Asheville community.

To properly steward the land, Olivette Farm uses methods such as crop rotation, cover cropping and thoughtful tillage, as well as a wide variety of both traditional and modern growing practices. Everything grown on the farm is produced while preserving the integrity of the soil and respecting the natural balance of our environment.

We welcome visitors and volunteers at Olivette Farm, as the growth and education of our community is our top priority.

Meet the farmer

Joe carries a decade of production vegetable farming experience in WNC. His desire to share methods, tools, and growing practices while educating interns transitioning to farmers has kept him an active member within the local farming community.

Joe comes to Olivette with a passion to not only cultivate crops but connections with people. He shares in Olivette’s vision of community gathered around a working farm, and sustainable living that seamlessly transpires from the surrounding landscape. It is his intention to not only grow food and feed families within the community but to create conversations around food production, to incorporate community members who want to be involved and connect with the land in a way that is unique to Olivette.

He holds a B.S. in Psychology from The College of Charleston and can often be found in the field deciphering the language of plants. When he’s not farming he enjoys spending time with his family, working on their homestead and basking in the beautiful outdoors that WNC offers.