Frequently asked questions:


Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is one of the best ways to obtain fresh seasonal vegetables, herbs and flowers. As a CSA member, you support local agriculture by helping farmers offset the yearly costs of seeds and supplies, and reduce the environmental impact of the long distances food travels to go from a farm to your plate.

A CSA is a partnership between the farmer and its members, sharing in the risks and rewards of the growing season. We seek to promote a close relationship with our CSA family, while providing a diverse selection of high quality produce.


Seasonality: Eating locally goes hand in hand with eating seasonally. Joining our CSA means you'll eat with the seasons, try tasty vegetables you've never heard of before, and have a diverse bag of vegetables each week. By the end of the season you'll be well versed in the vegetables that grow here in North Carolina.

Health: We think that eating fresh, chemical free, non-GMO food is one of the best things you can do for your health. The vegetables in our CSA are harvested no more than 24 hours before they are delivered, ensuring the absolute best flavor, a high nutrient content and a longer storage life.

Environment: By supporting a farm that uses organic methods you are a contributor in growing food that is not only good for you health, but also good for the land. Our growing practices mean that our land is chemical free. We also have implemented growing practices that promote healthy soil ecology and provide a habitat for pollinators, as well as other beneficial insects and animals. In addition, buying local means that the transport cost and distance to get your vegetables from farm to plate is minimal, further reducing your environmental impact.

Community: Our CSA members are a family and we plan to treat you that way, too! You'll see your Olivette farmers working on the farm at each on-farm CSA pick up and we encourage you to come over and say hello. It's a perfect time to share stories, recipes and and tidbits about the farm. We hope that your CSA bag will also provide you with the opportunity to set aside more time to share meals with your friends and family.


  • Our CSA season lasts for 24 weeks, beginning on May 2 and ending on October 10.
  • You may sign up for either the full 24 weeks or you can sign up for a 12-week half season CSA share. (May 2 - July 18).
  • Each week your bag will contain 5-7 different seasonal vegetables grown right on our farm. All of the vegetables in your share each week can easily be eaten raw as a salad ingredient, however, certain items can also be cooked.
  • You'll get a weekly newsletter from us that includes what will be in your bag that week as well as some updates on what's happening around the farm.
  • An example of a spring Salad CSA bag would be:
    • 1 Bag of Lettuce Mix
    • 1 Bag of Arugula
    • 1 Bag of Spinach
    • 1 Bunch of Spring Onions
    • 1 Bunch of Baby Carrots
    • 1 Bunch of Baby Beets
  • An example of a summer CSA bag would be
    • 1 Pint of Cherry Tomatoes
    • 1 Pint of Lunchbox Peppers
    • 1 Bag of Summercrisp Lettuce
    • 1 Bag of Basil
    • 1 Bag of Baby Kale
    • 1 Quart of Microgreens
  • You can pick up your CSA in one of three locations:
    •  On the farm on Wednesdays from 4:00-7:00pm.
      • 215 Old Macedonia Road, Alexander, NC 28701
    • At the Asheville City Market on Saturdays from 8:00am-12:00pm
      • North Market Street, Asheville, NC 28801
    • At the Black Mountain Tailgate Market on Saturdays from 9:00am-12:00pm
      • 130 Montreat Rd, Black Mtn, NC 28711


  • Our full season vegetable CSA share costs $500 (plus an additional $20 service fee if you purchase your CSA online).
  • Our half season vegetable CSA share costs $250 (plus a $15 service fee if you purchase your CSA online). 


Please make sure you have read through and understand the CSA FAQ page. Once you have read all of the necessary information you can purchase a share on our online store. If you would prefer to pay via check or cash to avoid the online service charge then you can send us a message to sign up that way.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.